Steel Wire Rope HD8K

Typical applications: When rotation resistant ropes are not required (twin hoist systems with right and left ropes, small heights). Hoist for steel mill cranes, container cranes, floating cranes and boom hoist for deck cranes, luffing and mobile cranes, grab cranes.

  • dia. 8 - 11 mm: construction 8xk12
  • dia. 12-14 mm: construction 8xk17 
  • dia. 15-28.58 mm: construction 8xk26 
  • dia. 30-42 mm: construction 8xk31
  • dia. 44-60 mm: construction 8xk36 
  • dia. 62-64 mm: construction 8xk36
  • dia. 66-72 mm: construction 8xk41  

  • available in ordinary lay and Lang‘s lay
  • available in right hand and left hand
  • Temperature range: -50°C up to +75°C


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