With over 130 years of experience, CERTEX is proficient in providing top-quality lifting products and solutions. Not only do we offer world-leading premium brands, but we also design and produce tools and equipment. Our products are manufactured at strictly controlled and audited production centres, ensuring compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.

CERTEX Lifting logo

Our CERTEX product range has custom-made lifting tools designed and manufactured by CERTEX.

CTX logo

Our CTX product range has innovative custom-made lifting tools designed and manufactured by CERTEX.

Ropetex Logo

Ropetex is our brand for steel wire ropes and steel wire rope lubricants for general use and high performance operations.

Powertex logo

Our Powertex range includes cost-effective lifting equipment, lashing, and fall protection products.

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Why Choose CERTEX's Private Label Brands?

Comprehensive range

Comprehensive Range

Our brands cover diverse applications, from wire ropes (ROPETEX) to lifting tools (CERTEX and CTX).

Cost effective solutions


POWERTEX provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. 

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Our private-label brands undergo rigorous testing and adhere to industry standards. We take pride in their reliability and safety features.