Like all lifting equipment, steel wire rope requires regular inspections to detect any signs of wear and tear or damage. Rope Watcher™ is a non-destructive device attached to your wire rope that constantly monitors its wear status. 

Rope Watcher™ is a device that continuously monitors the rope and provides updates on its wear condition. It identifies both internal and external defects in the steel wire rope using Magneto-Resistive Technology (MRT), a method that is recognised both nationally and internationally.

Why Use Rope Watcher™?

Rope Watcher™ offers numerous advantages by allowing you to monitor the status of your steel wires conveniently through a mobile application, ensuring that your wires are under continuous observation.


CERTEX Lifting's Magnetic Rope Testing Device connected to an offshore mining site's steel wire rope.

A blue cartoon secure icon symbolises CERTEX's commitment to ensuring safety.

Increased Safety
Rope Watcher™ examines steel wire ropes proficiently and securely, enhancing the safety of operations and reducing accidents and production interruptions.

The cartoon 24-hour icon symbolises Magnetic Rope Testing's ability to surveil steel wire ropes always.

24/7 Inspection
The Rope Watcher™ device diligently inspects your steel wire rope around the clock and alerts you of any damage or significant wear and tear.

Reuse icon

Cycle Management
Rather than relying on guesswork to decide when to replace the ropes, sustainable decisions can be made by anticipating and planning the rope change.

A navy cartoon sand timer symbolises quick service and inspection.

Reduced Downtime
There is no need to dismantle the rope for inspection; quick, accurate results keep your operations on track.

Remote Inspections and Alert System

Rope Watcher™ operates as a continuously connected MRT system, facilitating on-demand data collection, track preservation, and remote file sharing. This enables in-depth rope analysis, diagram acquisition, personal computer download, and comprehensive report generation. If the rope’s condition necessitates additional examination (indicated by a yellow or red area), a more detailed inspection is required to ascertain the rope’s actual state. This alert system necessitates a calibration process to ensure accurate data interpretation.

Automated Testing

A skilled CERTEX Lifting service technician will permanently affix the Rope Watcher™ to the wire rope to allow the device to continuously monitor and record real-time data from the steel wire rope as it passes through. Users can monitor changes in the steel wire rope through a user interface connected to the software and receive notifications when alterations occur. 

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