Our Steel Wire Rope KnowHow

How can I select the appropriate steel wire rope for my task? How do I gauge the wire rope diameter accurately? What are the methods for wire rope maintainance? We've addressed these queries and more in our Know How articles dedicated to steel wire ropes. This information proves beneficial for those handling or procuring steel wire ropes within their company.

Should you require advice or assistance regarding a particular lifting assignment, or simply need help to purchase the correct steel wire rope, our team is ready to assist. Complete one of our contact forms to connect with our knowledgable team for prompt support and guidance. 

Technical Description of Wire Rope

Learn about how wire rope is made, what it is made from and applications for its use.

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Choosing The Correct Wire Rope

Learn about the crucial considerations involved in choosing steel wire rope.

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Installing Steel Wire Rope

Learn how to to install steel wire rope for optimal performance, longevity and safety.

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Technical Description of Wire Rope Slings

Learn about the configurations and applications of steel wire rope slings.

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Wire Rope Diameter and Tolerances

Understand how wire rope's diameter impacts its strength, flexibility and weight tolerance.

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Discarding Steel Wire Rope

How to sustainable and safety discard of steel wire rope at the end of its service life.

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