Our History

A unified identity with over 100 years of shared experience


CERTEX Lifting was formed in 2022 through the consolidation of six of Australia’s lifting and rigging experts: The Rigging Shed, Lifting Victoria, On Call Lifting, Elevate Lifting & Rigging, and Schillings Hoisting Equipment.

Who We Are

CERTEX Lifting represents a national network of 125 employees across 10 sites and has a proud history of providing safe, innovative and reliable lifting and rigging solutions throughout Australia. 

Since 1997, Elevate Lifting and Rigging has supplied lifting, hoisting and rigging equipment across Victoria, leading the industry with quality products, service, customer advice and supplier training.

Lifting Victoria has been a trusted provider of high-quality lifting, rigging, and height safety solutions since 1995. It always prioritises safety in operations.

The Rigging Shed has provided clients throughout the WA region with expert lifting and rigging solutions since 2000.

On Call Lifting, in New South Wales, offers 20+ years of industry experience and technical know-how to help achieve rigging, lifting or height safety solutions.


Schillings Hoisting Equipment  has served South Australia since 2003, sourcing and supplying top-quality lifting and rigging equipment and providing leading-edge industry services and specialised expertise.

By bringing these companies together under one internationally recognised name, CERTEX Lifting can proudly offer over 100 years of expertise to clients Australia-wide. CERTEX Lifting is part of the international Lifting Solutions Group formed by our parent company, Axel Johnson, which means we can offer local knowledge, a national presence, and global standing.

Our Mission

Although our unified identity is young, we have over 100 years of shared experience and expertise, and our knowledge is unmatched. We are committed to setting ourselves apart in the Australian market through supply chain diversification and national operational initiatives. We are passionate about providing safe, innovative, and reliable lifting and rigging solutions to our clients across Australia.

We are proud to be part of the global industrial group, Axel Johnson International, which comprises over 170 companies across 30 countries. Our parent company is renowned for its long-term approach to ownership in strategically selected niche markets, primarily technical components and solutions for industrial processes.