Our Lifting Chain and Slings KnowHow

What do lifting chain grades mean? How do I maintain my lifting chains? What do the various configurations mean? We have answered these questions and more in our Lifting Chain KnowHow guides. 

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Understanding Lifting Chain Grades

How to select the correct lifting chain based on your specific requirements.

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Lifting Chain Maintenance Guide

To ensure your chain remains long-lasting and safe, follow this guide.

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Safe Usage of Lifting Chain

Guidelines and appropriate practices to ensure you continue safely and efficiently.

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Understanding Chain Sling Configurations

What's the difference between a single and double leg sling? Why use a basket sling rather than a choker sling?

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Chain Sling Regulatory Compliance and Standards

Discover more about regulations and compliance standards relating to chain sling usage.

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Preventing Common Lifting Chain Failures

Understanding how to prevent common causes of chain failures is critical to ensure safe operations. 

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