Our KnowHow

Lifting KnowHow is about safety and our efforts to reduce the number of accidents that can occur during lifting.

We share our Lifting KnowHow

Our knowledge of lifting is based on many years of experience together with a wide range of quality products, training, inspection, service and support. Our employees are continuously trained to meet customer needs. We also have technical experts who can come up with solutions when your lifting needs are unique. Our corporate culture is characterised by knowledge of lifting. You could say that it is the backbone of the company and our common ambition that our knowledge will provide a safer lifting workplace with zero accidents in connection with lifting. We call it The Lifting KnowHow. 

Lifting KnowHow is our quest to reduce the number of accidents in connection with the performance of a lifting task. For several years, we have delivered innovative solutions to our customers' lifting challenges, which has given us extensive expertise and experience. We value the abilities and skills of our employees and pride ourselves on developing them to meet the highest possible standards. 

We use our lifting know-how to provide the customer with the best possible service and technical support. Likewise, we are happy to share our know-how about lifting every time we are contacted about a new lift, whether you want advice on choosing products and equipment, help with performing the lift itself or recertification of your equipment.


Recommendations for users who work with lifting equipment

We have produced a number of short videos with tips and recommendations informed and aware of the advantages or disadvantages of choosing one type of equipment over another. We want to share our Lifting KnowHow with our customers to help ensure a safe and secure working environment for the many people working with lifting equipment.