Mobile Inspection Services

Our mobile facilities bring efficient inspection, testing, and certification services for lifting equipment and height safety equipment directly to your Australian site.


Service Coverage Across Australia

From comprehensive statutory inspections to reliable repair and commissioning, we ensure compliance and minimize downtime, providing top-notch solutions tailored to Australian regulations and standards.

With 20 strategically located mobile service vehicles across Australia, we offer prompt nationwide services. Trust our expertise to ensure the safety and reliability of your lifting equipment and height safety systems, complying with Australian requirements.

With our inspection services, you get:

  • No downtime with slings offsite
  • Immediate repairs and testing of most items if required
  • Every step of the process is monitored
  • Tailored modifications onsite to suit your needs
  • Access to remote and sensitive sites and areas
  • Direct communication with LEEA accredited technicians
  • Prompt, reliable and cost-effective solutions
  • Flexible service – we can work around your shifts and downtime periods