The Lifting Solutions Group's revolutionary CTX Tandem Tool redefines how we use chain hoists, maximizing their potential like never before. The Tandem Tool is a lightweight (1.25 kg) and durable accessory that attaches to the hoist chain and creates a daisy chain effect. Despite its lightweight design, this powerful device can lift up to 2x 270kg loads, improving efficiency during lifting operations. It is available in three different sizes to suit a range of hoist capacities.

The CTX Tandem Tool's design creates additional approved lifting points for a chain hoist, allowing you to lift several separate loads with the same chain hoist. If you need to lift many loads, you can easily add more Tandem Tools to the same chain and thus lift more efficiently. However, it's essential not to exceed the lifting capacity of the hoist.

Compared to the "x-mas tree" setup, the Tandem setup allows for easy fit in the hatch, while avoiding the heavy lifts from low points that a "Daisy-chain" setup requires. What's more, the Tandem Tool is designed to interlock with the chain of the hoist, and we recommend using the hoist's original mechanical or electrical height stop for optimal performance. 





With its simple and efficient loading and unloading process, the Tandem Tool provides a safer and smoother operation. It's a product of our in-house engineering department, where we constantly strive to create innovative solutions that meet all your lifting needs. Plus, with its certified design and approval by some of the top hoist manufacturers, so you can rest assured that every lift with the Tandem Tool is safe and reliable. 

The device has already earned the trust of customers in the Renewables industry, but its versatility extends far beyond. Whether you need to lift loads in construction, manufacturing, or any other context where chain hoists are used, the CTX Tandem Tool is the perfect solution for you. Unlike conventional lifting scenarios, there's no need to prepare the ground to store items before lifting. You can simply load them directly onto the lifting point and raise them.

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Additional Lifting Points

The CTX Tandem Tool is a versatile, lightweight accessory that enables lifting multiple loads with a single chain hoist.

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High Lifting Capacity

The CTX Tandem Tool has a high lifting capacity of 2 x 270 kg and is certified to safety and quality standards.

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Reliant and Efficient

The CTX Tandem Tool is scalable and efficient, allowing you to add more tandem tools to the same chain and lift more loads without exceeding the hoist capacity.

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Versatile Tool

The CTX Tandem Tool is widely used and applicable in various industries and contexts, especially in renewables, where lifting multiple loads in a single lift cycle can save hours.