Load Testing Capabilities

Your trusted expert of in-house and on-site load testing of various equipment

At CERTEX Lifting, our extensive expertise lies in testing a wide range of lifting equipment, including chains, steel wire, lifting beams, fittings, and cranes. Most of our load tests are conducted in-house at our dedicated test centres. With 11 test benches available across the country, our largest one boasts an impressive capacity of 300 tonnes. 

Customers use our unique testing facilities in various industries and the jobs come in from all over Australia. Our adaptable test bench allows our customers to test their products and prototypes, and our water weights enable testing hefty loads.

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CERTEX Lifting Load Testing Bench

Test Benches

Test benches for lifting are specialised equipment used to assess the strength, stability, and load-bearing capacity of lifting devices.

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CERTEX Lifting water weight load testing service

Water Weights

These weights, filled with water, allow precise calibration and assessment of lifting equipment under controlled conditions.

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