Water Weights Load Testing

Water weights are specially designed bags that allow testing of hefty loads such as ship based cranes, lifeboat Davits, loading platforms, accomodation ladders and gangways. They typically weigh less than 2% of the achievable load; the remaining 98% is water. The technology is simple, safe, and adaptable, so you can deploy it practically anywhere—indoors or outdoors, onshore or offshore. The Water Weights Bags are often used for load tests and certifications of lifting equipment in offshore and maritime environments.

By filling water-weight bags to the desired weight, they simulate realistic loads for testing purposes, ensuring that the equipment can handle the required weight safely and efficiently. 

We have water bags in the various sizes, enabling testing of up to 300 tonnes.


CERTEX Lifting water weight load testing service

CERTEX Lifting water weight load testing service

CERTEX Lifting water weight load testing service

Importance of Weight Load Testing

  1. Safety Assurance: Ensures structures won’t collapse under expected or extreme loads, preventing accidents and loss of life.
  2. Compliance: Many industries (construction, aerospace, automotive) have regulations mandating load testing. Compliance is essential for legal and insurance reasons.
  3. Quality Control: Manufacturers use load testing during production to identify defects or weaknesses.

Safety and Cost Benefits

Water weights offer several advantages:

  • Safer: Compared to solid weights, water weights are safer to use.
  • Cost-Effective: They provide cost savings in transportation, storage, and labour.

Gradual Load Application: When performing load tests using water weights, gradual application of the load allows problems to be identified before reaching maximum load.

CERTEX Lifting water weight load testing service

Applications of Water Weight Load Testing:

Waterweight bags can be used for various load testing situations, including:

  • Ship based cranes
  • Load-bearing beams
  • Lifeboat Davits
  • Loading platforms
  • Accomodation ladders
  • Gangways
  • Land-based crane bridges
  • Overhead cranes

CERTEX Lifting water weight load testing service