Steel Wire Rope Services

CERTEX Lifting offers a range of Wire Rope Services to ensure your equipment remains safe, including visual inspection to Australian and international standards, Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) and lubrication. We supply high performance steel wire rope to all models of cranes, elevators, winches and other lifting equipment. We offer a wide range of the world's leading brands and deliver solutions to meet the demands across all market sectors including inspection and testing, destruction, rope replacement and bolt tensioning.


  • Project management
  • Inspection and testing, including destruction
  • Lubrication
  • Pre-tensioning
  • Rope replacement
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Machine splicing, spooling, socketing, long splicing, hand splicing, flemished eye splicing, re reeving, end to end

InspectionVisual Inspections

Wire rope components of machinery should be regarded as wearing components, and the design of the lifting appliance does not usually allow for an indefinite rope life. It is for this reason that all wire ropes should be inspected by a competent person, per a relevant standard. Signs of degradation must be noted and monitored by an experienced, trained professional. At CERTEX Lifting, our technicians will not only provide an extensive visual inspection to determine the condition of the ropes but also recommend a sufficient maintenance schedule tailored to the machines' working conditions and frequency of use.

As well as ongoing inspections and maintenance throughout the machine's life, it is also vital to ensure your wire ropes are inspected after any incidents where it may have been possible for the wire ropes to have been affected or after a long period of machine downtime, usually three months. 



A CERTEX Lifting employee is completing a load test on synthetic slings.

Star Lubrication Services

CERTEX Lifting uses NDT wire rope flaw detection and wire rope lubrication technology to enhance wire rope safeguarding. By utilising the Viper Mid MK II Wire Rope Lubricator and TST Wire Rope Flaw Detection technology, we are fully equipped to assist with:

  • Supply: CERTEX Lifting ensures a seamless and consistent supply of wire ropes, offering various types and sizes to meet your needs.
  • Lubrication: Employing advanced technology like the Viper Mid MK II Wire Rope Lubricator, we provide efficient and thorough lubrication services for wire rope. Proper lubrication enhances performance, extends the ropes' lifespan, and prevents corrosion or wear.
  • Tensioning: Our expertise includes precise and effective tensioning methods for wire ropes, ensuring optimal functionality and safety. Proper tensioning is crucial for the longevity of ropes in various applications.
  • Inspections: We conduct detailed and thorough inspections of wire ropes using TST Wire Rope Flaw Detection technology. This includes comprehensive examinations to identify potential flaws, weaknesses or issues that could compromise safety or performance.
  • Destruction testing: At CERTEX Lifting, we conduct rigorous destruction testing to assess the limits and durability of wire ropes under extreme conditions. This testing helps understand the ropes' breaking points and overall resilience, ensuring their reliability in demanding scenarios. 
  • Performance monitoring: We track and analyse the ropes' performance over time through advanced monitoring techniques, allowing for proactive maintenance and ongoing operational safety. 
  • Splicing: Our team is skilled in splicing, effectively joining wire ropes through specialised techniques. Correctly spliced ropes maintain strength and integrity, which are crucial for safe and efficient operations.
  • Socketing: We offer socketing services, securing wire ropes within sockets using high-quality materials and expert techniques. Socketing ensures reliable connections, which is vital for various lifting and rigging applications.

What is Weld and Material Non-Destructive Testing?

NDT encompasses scheduled Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT), which uses AC Magnetic Yoke and current flow, Dye Penetration Inspection (PT) or Eddy-Current Testing (ET) of lifting points on items lifted offshore. Such testing can be used for:

  • Lugs, welds, offshore baskets and cages, beams and containers.
  • New build items purchased through CERTEX Lifting.
  • Lifting points pre and post proof load test.

CERTEX Lifting provides the following related NDT services:

  • Consultation services for NDT and structure maintenance plans and protocols
  • Visual inspections within NDT involving weld examinations conforming to National and International Standards
  • MT before and after proof load testing of pad eyes when using hydraulic lug testers
  • Various load cells for rentals, ranging from 2.5t to 100t, with or without a technician.
  • Test weight hire, with or without accompanying technicians. 


A bearded man wearing a high visibility vest uses a computer with open inspection software. He is standing before a workbench with a lifting chain connected by a master link.

The processes have numerous industry applications, including:

Wharf, Ship, Mobile and Overhead Cranes

Cartoon clipcart image of a navy blue CERTEX Lifting crane.

Anchor Ropes


Mine Winders

A cartoon navy pickaxe symbolises CERTEX Lifting's deep commitment with the Australian mining industry by supplying lifting and rigging supplies.

Ship Loaders


Oil and Gas Platforms

Oil barrel

Deck Winches


Magnetic Rope Testing

MRT is a non-destructive, magnetic and contactless procedure that allows us to detect broken wires, distortions and corrosion on steel wire ropes. Continuous innovation in MRT has revolutionised magnetic advancements and user interfaces, streamlining complete wire rope inspections through automated settings embedded within the software. The signals shared by MRT devices allow operators to identify and estimate damages, such as internal and external wire breakages, corrosion and wear. 

Various industries like heavy lifting, cableways and elevator systems utilise wire ropes in distinct ways, yet they share commonalities in prioritising safety and uninterrupted service: 


Heavy equipment lifting solutions

Heavy Lifting

MRT is an indispensable tool in the heavy lifting industry, offering a meticulous and non-invasive method to assess the integrity of wire ropes in crucial lifting operations. By employing magnetic and contactless procedures, MRT effectively detects critical issues such as broken wires, distortions and corrosion within steel wire ropes. MRT plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational safety and preventing potential disasters in environments where the failure of a wire rope could have catastrophic consequences. 



MRT is an indispensable asset in the cableways industry and has revolutionised the approach to wire rope inspection and safety measures. In a sector where the well-being of passengers is paramount, MRT plays a pivotal role in preventative maintenance, helping identify internal and external defects that could compromise the integrity of wire ropes.



MRT is crucial in the elevator market, offering a non-invasive and precise method to evaluate the condition of wire ropes essential to elevator systems. MRT provides a proactive and comprehensive approach to preventative maintenance in an industry focused on passenger safety and seamless vertical transportation. By implementing MRT into elevator inspections, businesses can enhance safety protocols, extend the lifespan of critical components and ensure uninterrupted functionality of elevator systems. 

Speak to one of our wire rope specialists today to discuss your inspection and maintenance plan to leave you confident that you are operating a safe and compliant machine.

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