MAXIPACT Rotation Resistant Rope

  • Right hand langs lay
  • Left hand langs lay symbol
  • Galvanized
  • Compacted strands symbol
  • Rotation resistant
  • Can be used with swivel symbol

General: Recommended for all cranes and performant lifting devices where non-rotating and high MBL ropes are required. Recommended for offshore, deck cranes and marine environment.

  • dia. 12.7 - 52 mm: construction 37xk7
  • dia. 54-64 mm: construction 37xk19 
  • dia. 66-70 mm: construction 37xk26
  • tolerance on diameter (EN; +0% +5%)
  • available in ordinary lay and Lang‘s lay
  • available in right hand and left hand




  • Temperature range: -50°C up to +75°C
  • Fill factor: 0,716


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