Recovery Strop Black Snake Nylon

The Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strop provides a heavy duty, industrial strength alternative to webbing snatch straps and kinetic nylon ropes. The Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strop incorporates nylon strands laid in an endless parallel lay construction into galvanised wire rope thimbles and the entire construction is covered in a vulcanised, industrial grade rubber. This construction is very robust and has inbuilt protection for the load-bearing fibres and  very good energy dampening qualities. With other nylon webbing straps, kinetic recovery nylon ropes and even nylon round-slings, the fabric construction of those straps and ropes make them susceptible to dirt, mud and abrasion damage and the soft eyes are particularly vulnerable to cutting and fraying from shackles, pins and hooks. The Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strop uses embedded heavy duty thimbles to eliminate cutting and fraying of fibres. 
  • Abrasion/cut resistant rubber protects the inner nylon fibres from the elements and keeps out oil, water, mud and dust allowing it to be virtually maintenance free and making it far more durable than other fabric straps
  • A tough, high performance, great alternative to webbing straps
  • High strength Nylon 6.6 load core with high strength to weight ratio
  • Very flexible and light weight for access into awkward spaces and for attachment devices
  • Easy to install with galvanised thimble eyelets embedded into the rubber casing. Perfectly matched with shackles and clevis pins 
  • Smooth stretch of up to 20% to assist snatch style recovery
  • Individual serial number for traceability 


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