Learning From The Best: CERTEX Lifting Is Now Offering Magnetic Rope Testing

Magnetic rope testing (MRT) is a revolutionary technology that provides reliable and accurate results on wire condition and safety. CERTEX Lifting strongly believes that the future of wire rope safety lies with MRT and will soon offer this innovative service to all their clients in the Australian market. 

We invited AMC Instrument's Managing Director and Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) expert, Mr Bruno Vusini, to our Wangara branch to share his knowledge and train our wire rope experts on AMC's Magnetic Rope Testing machines and services. MRT is a non-destructive and contactless method to detect defects and damages in steel wire ropes used in various industries, including heavy lifting, cableways, and elevators. AMC Instruments has produced magneto-inductive devices and supplied inspection services for over a decade. Their technical Know How and experience have established them as exceptional industry leaders. 

CERTEX Lifting is committed to expanding its MRT division, and Mr Vusini and AMC Instruments have helped make this a reality. He shared his expertise on the principles and applications of MRT, the interpretation and analysis of MRT data, the standards and regulations for MRT, and the latest developments and trends in MRT technology. By learning from Mr Vusini's expertise, our team can identify potential risks and implement preventative measures to enhance the safety of our operations. 

Mr Vusini's aptitude and leadership have empowered our employees in the MRT field. Our team now have the necessary skills and knowledge to expand our MRT division and confidently offer this new service. Under Mr Vusini's guidance, our team is excited to put their knowledge into practice. 

Please contact us to learn how we can help you use revolutionary MRT technology to provide a more innovative and safer workplace. 

CERTEX Lifting employees learn about Magnetic Rope Testing from AMC's Director

Why use Magnetic Rope Testing

MRT is a non-destructive, magnetic and contactless procedure that allows us to detect broken wires, distortions and corrosion on steel wire ropes. Continuous innovation in MRT has revolutionised magnetic advancements and user interfaces, streamlining complete wire rope inspections through automated settings embedded within the software. The signals shared by MRT devices allow operators to identify and estimate damages, such as internal and external wire breakages, corrosion and wear. MRT's accurate results assure you of the safety and condition of your wire ropes, leaving you confident that maintenance and replacements are timely and necessary. 

CERTEX Lifting and AMC Instruments are part of Axel Johnson International and the Lifting Solution Group, which provides quality lifting equipment, steel wire rope, height safety, and services globally. 

Although CERTEX Lifting's unified identity is young, we have over 100 years of shared experience. Before becoming CERTEX Lifting, our companies serviced Australia with lifting and rigging solutions. Despite our change of name, our knowledge is unchanged and unmatched. Our many years of experience with a wide range of quality products, training, inspection, service, and support create the foundation of our lifting Know How. Our expert employees strive to meet and exceed customer needs, and our technical experts form solutions when your lifting needs are unique. 


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